Lead Pastors

In January of 2016, Pastor Matt and Natalie Baker answered the call of God when they were installed as Lead Pastors of Trinity

Pastor Matt is the grandson of our Founding Pastors, Tom and Mary Ann Peters. He has served faithfully in multiple ministries at Trinity. From 2007 to 2010, he sat under Pastor Tom Peters’ direct mentorship as his assistant. In 2012 Matt received a degree from Southeastern University in Practical Theology and Business Management. During his time at Southeastern University, Pastor Matt began to feel the call to full time ministry. After returning, Pastor Matt Baker served Trinity as the business administrator until 2015.

Natalie Baker is the daughter of Pastor Hector and Laura Escobar, current Elders at Trinity. Natalie grew up at Trinity and spent countless hours serving in the Kids Ministry, Youth Ministry, and alongside her parents. In 2015, Natalie received a degree in Early Childhood Education from Florida Atlantic University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology.

After his return from Southeastern, Matt and Natalie began their relationship, and they married in August 2015 knowing that God had called them both to the ministry.

Founding Pastors

In March of 1973, Founding Pastors, Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Peters, responded to the call of God and planted a new church in Lake Worth, Florida. In the years since, Trinity Church International has grown from a small group of 8 people to a thriving church of thousands.

Over the past 40+ years Pastor Tom and Mary Ann have created a legacy of prayer. They established Trinity Church as an international house of prayer and set the precedent of daily morning and noon prayer. As they enter a new season of life, they are still actively involved in the life of Trinity. With Pastor Tom leading daily prayer on Fridays and filling the pulpit from time to time, their focus on prayer is evident even in retirement.

As Pastor Matt and Natalie carry the torch into the future, Pastor Tom and Mary Ann’s legacy will endure for generations.

During our years as lead pastors, our focus was for Trinity to be built on prayer and on the Word of God. We’re excited for Matt and Natalie to continue this focus for years to come.

Pastor Tom Peters Founding Pastor


Pastor Matt Baker

Lead Pastor

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