Dyson, Kevin and Joy

Dyson, Kevin and Joy

NCIU sees the training and equipping of all followers of Christ as an essential component of learning how to be a fully functioning “believer-priest-king” who is commissioned, trained and equipped to extend the Kingdom of God through the Abrahamic blessing.

The continuing vision that drives the seminary program is threefold

  • Teaching and Education
  • Training and Equipping
  • Empowering and Strengthening

NCIU seeks to accomplish these objectives through three primary means –

  1. The provision of foundational teaching courses and curriculum for use within a local church or wherever faith happens and believers gather, so that every member can find their function and fulfillment within the Kingdom of God.
  2. The provision of Guided, Self-learning Courses and degree programs that allow front-line practitioners of Christian ministry and missions to advance professionally, while balancing their careers with a rigorous and beneficial education experience.
  3. The provision of global network connecting people, projects and resources so that they are able to facilitate the extending of God’s Kingdom throughout the whole earth.