Trinity Church International is ready to help you and your family
walk through every stage of life.

Trinity Church International is multi-generational, meaning we have members walking through every stage of life. Because of this, we know the needs of young families, older families, broken families and restored families. We would love to walk with you through major life events, celebrating the work that God is doing in you and through your family.

Through baby dedications, weddings at Trinity, and an accredited PreK-12th grade school at Trinity Christian Academy, Trinity Church is providing opportunities for you and your family to have a solid foundation based on the Word of God.

Our hope is that as major life events happen, our church can be of assistance to you and your family. Please read below to find out more about life events at Trinity Church.


What is baby dedication?

Baby dedication is a simple event where multiple families bring their newborns and have the church pray asking God to direct the steps of their children’s lives. It is a public declaration that a family intends to raise their child in a Godly environment and train the child to follow Jesus Christ.

When is the next baby dedication at Trinity?

Baby dedication services happen multiple times every year. If you would like information on the next upcoming service, contact us at (561) 965-4166.  There is a $25.00 fee for non-members to cover your child’s first bible and their certificate.  Couples that are not legally married, only one parent will be able to stand and have your child dedicated to the Lord.

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Our goal is to assist you in planning the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

We conduct wedding ceremonies for those attending Trinity on a regular basis. We treat every wedding like it is a big deal – we believe that you are entering into a covenant with God and each other. Because of this, we require premarital counseling for every couple married at Trinity Church.

We recommend reserving the facilities well in advance. Call and schedule an appointment with Trinity’s wedding coordinator at (561) 965-4166.


The timing of your wedding is of utmost importance to God. Another aspect is the availability of facilities at TCI. At the scheduled meeting with a pastor, the date will be discussed and booked upon his advice and the availability of the resources needed.

Our pastoral staff does perform weddings off site; however the same guidelines of putting God first and at the head of all the planning. These plans will be discussed at the scheduled meeting with the pastor who is conducting your ceremony.

Since this is one of the most memorable times of your life, it is important to have certain resources set aside for these memories to be made possible. Facilities must be reserved and strategic people in place to make this a wonderful and happy occasion. Fees are affordable and are discussed with you at the time of your pastoral appointment; however they are set by the church and are non-negotiable. (some of these fees apply to off-site weddings).

The church has a wedding coordinator ready to help you plan your ceremony. If you are being married here at TCI, it is required that she be used. She will be of great help to you with the many details that go into planning your ceremony.

TCI has trained professionals to assist with the technical area of your ceremony. If married on campus, it is required to use our technicians. They will assist the pastor and coordinator with the operation of the music, CD’s, microphones and any other aspect of the ceremony that requires a sound engineer. Wedding CD’s are available at any Christian Book Store or by speaking with the coordinator. All music must be approved by the pastor and or the coordinator of your ceremony.

TCI has obtained resources for decorating for your ceremony. This will be discussed when you book your appointment with the coordinator.