Other Ways to Give

Trinity Church has more ways to give than ever before! You can give in person, by mail, online, and more.

1. Online

You can give tithes and offerings here at TCI.org. Recurring giving is now available, and all payment tasks are handled by full-time professionals, making giving easy and secure.

2. In Person / Mail

You can mail tithes and offerings to 7255 S. Military Trail • Lake Worth, FL 33463, and you can always give in our services on Sundays.

3. Non-Cash Giving

If you would like to learn more about types of non-cash giving or would like to get started, please contact us at (561) 965-4166

  • Appreciated Property: Current outright gifts made today are quick and easy to make.

  • Bequest in will: Deferred gift which will go to charity after your lifetime when you will no longer have a need for the property.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity: Contractual agreement made between a donor and a charity. Provides fixed annual payments for your, and/or your spouse or another’s lifetimes. The residual value of the gift will pass to the charity.

  • Life Insurance Policy: Contractual agreement between an individual and a life insurance company. Life insurance is an asset owned by most American families and can offer a flexible, convenient, easy, and cost efficient way to carry out charitable intentions. Simply name the charity as beneficiary, contingent beneficiary or owner of the policy.

  • Retirement Plan Account: Contractual agreement between an individual and a plan sponsor. This is one of the best deferred gifts. Simply name the charity as beneficiary or contingent beneficiary.

  • Real Estate Gift: Current or deferred charitable gifts can be made of real property or real property can be sold to a charity at a bargain price.

  • Revocable Living Trust: Revocable trust which can make current or deferred charitable gifts.

  • Retained Life Estate: Irrevocable gift of a home or family farm made to charity today with the right to continue using property for the remaining lifetime of the donor/donors.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Irrevocable trust that can provide the donor with a current life time income with the remainder going to charity at the trust’s termination.

  • Charitable Lead Trust: Irrevocable trust which temporarily provides a current income to the charity. When trust terminates the assets in the trust will be returned to you or your heirs.

* General tax information – Charitable gifts of cash can be deducted up to 50% and appreciated property up to 30% of adjusted gross income in one year. Appreciated property (securities or real estate) held for at least one year is considered long term and receives long term capital gain treatment.

** The information on this site is not intended to be legal, tax, or investment advice. Please consult your personal advisors to obtain this information.